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Running takes your body, mind, and spirit to a better place. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward can make you healthier, happier, and more confident.

Alaska Runners Club is a member-based organization centered around running. Our efforts and events serve all runners and active individuals, from beginners to professional athletes: the young, the elderly, and the underserved of all abilities.

It is our unique nonprofit model, which teams contributions from corporate, foundation, and individual donors with earned income from our best-in-class events, that makes all our efforts possible.

Together with the help of all Alaska Runners Club members, supporters, participants, and partners, we’re working hard to fulfill our mission of giving all people everywhere a reason to run. Today, tomorrow, and for life.


We are driven by a singular vision. We believe that we can change the world through running. This is the dream and the promise that drives us. Running is our favorite sport but it’s more than just that. It’s also a route to bettering lives, building community, fueling positive social change—and enabling folks to have a whole lot of fun. Since our earliest days, our vision has allowed us to continuously move forward and to challenge the status quo so that we can grow as individuals, as a team, and as an organization.
We strive to do our best and be the best. Call us overachievers. Like world-class athletes, we aim high while still perfecting the basics. We are committed to managerial, operational, and technical excellence so that we can reach the highest level of success. We are humbled by our duty to deliver for each other, for our runners, and for the communities we serve. We push to bring out the best in ourselves while remembering we are nothing without one another.
People are our greatest asset. Like all great teams, we pride ourselves on collaboration and partnership. Every person in our organization is as important as the next, and every voice matters. We actively appreciate each other and all it takes to do what we do. Our approach is inclusive. We invite opposing views to ensure that we always make the best decisions, as individuals and as a team.
Our hearts are all in. We are a crazy passionate group. Each day, we celebrate our love for life and for running. We work hard and we play hard too, recognizing that a balanced life is what keeps our passion alive. For us, this is more than a job—it is an opportunity to inspire and to be a catalyst for change in all the people we touch.
Innovation is in our DNA. It’s our forward thinking that keeps us moving forward. We’re committed to the belief that there is always a better way. We value originality, invention, and creativity, and we encourage these traits by staying open and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. We trust our instincts, and trust that we know what’s good for one another and for our partners. We lead by confidently knowing where to go.
We love a good challenge. Runners have drive, energy, determination, self-discipline, and willpower. They don’t just welcome challenge; they seek it. So do we. And we apply these same winning qualities to our work. Every day, as a staff and as an organization, we stretch to bring our goals closer—and to keep setting new ones. We recognize that achievement comes in many forms and should always be applauded and rewarded.

Running clubs in Alaska welcome runners of all ages and abilities. Each of the local clubs has its own unique history, purpose, membership profile, and goals. Please contact individual clubs about memberships. Alaska Runners Club is proud to serve as an umbrella organization for local clubs, providing weekly races, an annual team-points series in two open and three masters categories for both men and women, and monthly Club Council meetings. Although AKRC membership is not required to join a local running club, many clubs encourage it.

Endurance For Kids

Endurance for Kids is a committed group of adult runners from around Alaska who add meaning to their miles by raising funds for AKRC Youth and Community Services programs while training for major endurance events.