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AKRC’s coaching understands that runners are not all alike and that we have different needs, based on our fitness, lifestyle, age, gender, and number of years in the sport. Some of us thrive on the group dynamic of classes and team workouts, while others train on their own. Some are motivated by running for a cause, while others are unable to make that commitment. Some run for competition, others simple for health and recreation.

Whether you’re aiming to finish your first 5K or to break four hours in your next marathon, we have a training option—or several!—that will work for you. contact us now for the options that work for you!

Adult Programs

Our Coaching Philosophy

There’s no other runner quite like you—and no one understands that quite like a coach. AKRC coaches don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all philosophy. We’ll help you develop a customized wellness program that allows you to improve at your own pace to achieve any goal.

AKRC’s coaching staff have coached teams to high school and college championships, and designed coaching programs that have helped many athlete runners get to the next level. They’re available for training advice and support in Running Classes, via weekly Facebook live chats, and via e-coaching (for purchasers of some llevles of our marathon and half-marathon training plans). Every member will have access to their members portal area, where workouts and analytics will be displayed.

Kids Programs

Active Eating
Active Eating is a free series of lesson plans, for children in grades K through 8, that use fun physical activities to educate them about making healthy food choices. Lessons explore the importance of each meal, the value of eating a variety of foods, healthy and less healthy food options, and how to select foods that help our bodies stay strong.

A Running Start
A Running Start is a free coaching program developed by Alaska Runners Club to help youth coaches teach the fundamentals of running through age-appropriate games, activities, and drills. Created in collaboration with a team of expert youth coaches and exercise physiologists, these activities can be used individually, incorporated into an existing practice routine, or used to craft one’s own running session.