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 Be A Member

Membership signups open March 11 2017. Your annual membership entitles you to exclusive benefits, including:

  • Savings of up to 20% on entry fees for all Akrunners hosted events.
  • Savings of 20% on fees for running classes designed to improve your physical and emotional well-being
  • Participation in the Alaska Runners Club Grand Prix Race Series when available
  • Discounts on merchandise and services. (Participating Retailers)
  • All members will be given a members portal (Premium workout Tracking, Customized reporting and analytics and much more.)
  • Members will receive key tags with your personal member ID to check-in to all of our group runs and fitness classes.
  • All Members will be listed on our Team bio page with options to link social media platforms, list personal bests and race results.
  • Members will be eligible for our Honors Program (Complementary entry to all Akrunners hosted events)
  • Rank among Akrunners Team members (Categorized by Age divisions and genders)
  • Shout-out to new members on all of our social media platforms. (Akrunners will follow you and all your social media platforms when becoming a member).
  • ALL group training and workouts
  • Member discussion forum
  • Training schedules
  • Running Calculators
  • Running Log
  • Coaching Resources
  • Connect with club members
  • Video Training
  • Quarterly Club Newsletter
  • Club Email Updates on Important Events

Robust Calendar

The training calendar makes it easy to view and track your training. Your workout details can be easily accessed through the various features our calendar offers.

  • Week, Month and Multi-Week view
  • View weekly totals, including differences between planned and actual workouts
  • Quick Add feature for easily planning future workouts
  • Full Add feature for in-depth workout tracking

Drag & Drop Workouts


The drag and drop calendar allows you to quickly move workouts around, copy existing workouts, and add new ones with ease!

  • Drag an existing workout to a new day to move it on your calendar
  •  Hold down your Shift key on your keyboard and drag an existing workout to make a copy of it on a new day
  •  Drag a workout from your workout library directly onto your calendar to add a new workout to your schedule

Equipment Tracking & Routes

Keep track of your equipment such as shoes and save routes you run on a regular basis.

  •  Record brand, model, price, date purchased, and much more
  •  Set distance alert reminders
  •  Upload images to help quickly identify equipment
  •  Track mileage so you always know how much you’ve used that piece of equipment

Detailed Workout Tracking and Customization

Every athlete is different. Some athletes prefer to track everything from heart rate to cadence and weather, while others simply want to record basic time and distance information. The Youth Runner Training Log gives you the best of both worlds with customized workout screens.

  • Toggle on and off sections for each specific type of activity
  •  Records workout activities and activity types to better categorize your training
  •  Warm-up and Cool-down options
  •  Additional metrics such as equipment, routes and weather
  •  Advanced workout tracking including intervals, rest and recovery

Workout Analysis & GPS Data Importing

Chart and graph your workouts to help you better understand your training data. In addition, link your account to Garmin Connect and automatically import GPS workout data from GPS devices.

  • Chart metrics collected from your GPS device
  •  Graph data using duration and distance analysis
  •  View your activity on Bing Maps
  •  Import distance, time, heart rate, power, cadence, pace, activity type and more

Coaching & Team Features

If you are a personal coach or coach a team or a club, we have everything you need to keep you and your athletes on the same page.

  •  Team workout calendar can be shared with your entire team, or put individual workouts on your athletes’ calendars
  •  Leave comments about an athlete’s specific workout
  •  Create training plans that you can save and re-use for your athletes and teams
  •  Brand the training log with your logo and colors

Annual Akrunners membership is just $60 for an individuals ($30 for age 17 and under or 62 and over, and for armed services veterans and active members of the military). From the moment you join Akrunners, you become part of the Run for Life movement and get priceless rewards: new friends, personal growth, and exciting challenges. Being a member of Akrunners means being part of a community; all members are encouraged to volunteer with our youth programs and at our races. More than 25 volunteers are needed at every event.

Akrunners Armed Services Veterans and Active Duty Military Membership

The Armed Services Veterans and Active Duty Military membership rate is $30 annually. To qualify for our Armed Services Veterans and Active Duty Military membership rate and race discounts, please note that your application will not be accepted without a copy of your DD-214 form (for veterans) or (for active-duty military) a copy of your current orders or a copy of an award citation. Upon completion of your membership purchase, please email a copy of your DD-214 form, a copy of your current orders, or a copy of an award citation to If we do not receive your official documentation within 15 days of your membership registration, your membership will be transferred to an annual membership ($60) and your card will be charged an additional $30.

Apply for the Armed Services Veterans Membership

Please note, if you are already a member and would like to apply as an Armed Services Veteran or Active Duty Military member, you may do so when your membership is up for renewal. In the meantime, if you provide your DD-214 form (for veterans) or (for active-duty military) a copy of your current orders or a copy of an award citation, you will still receive discounts on all races. If you have any issues or questions about the Armed Services Veterans or Active Duty Military membership, please contact